Despite what most people think, 40 something email marketing hasn’t been put in a corner while its young social media cousin dominates the marketing dance floor.

On the contrary, it’s been having the time of its life, taking a run and a jump into the arms of TOM (top of mind) customer engagement and a lift in ROI.

Adestra’s Email Marketing Census reported that 73% of companies agree that email marketing consistently delivers ‘excellent’ to ‘good’ ROI.

Yet so many small businesses focus their energy on busting moves with social media, itching to win the vanity trophy in the ‘SME with the most # likes, # followers and # connections’ competition and forget about email marketing altogether.

These social media trophies sparkle, attract attention and generate interest in your business, but they don’t contain a magic genie that will bring forth a constant flow of new customers every time you polish it.

If only that were true!

I invite you to punch your dance card with social media and email marketing. To lead your followers through a ‘know, like and trust’ social media salsa with a side step of email marketing tango.

And I’m not talking about those one-way conversation, salesy broadcast emails where every other sentence starts with a ‘we.’ No, I’m talking about emails that your customers will want to open.

Emails that are personal, relevant and valuable.

That follow the 80/20 content marketing rule of 80% tailored around the interests of your target market and 20% directly promoting your product or service.

Adobe’s Consumer Email Survey reported that 61% of respondents prefer brands to contact them via email and that marketing emails should be less about promotions and more about providing information.

Don’t be a wallflower. Step into the spotlight with email marketing and build an audience of fans that put you ‘top of mind’ when they’re ready to buy your product or service.

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