Our story

Dawn Park

We cut our design & marketing teeth while working with clients such as Nissan, M&S, CALA Homes & Kwik-Fit in advertising agencies in London, Edinburgh & Glasgow. Between us, we have over 40 years’ industry experience, so know a thing or two about what clients need to build a successful brand.

And what they don’t need…

So when we started our own agency in 2012, we vowed to streamline the big agency ‘one size fits all’ approach and combine it with the flexibility and agility of a small, family run agency.

Condensing everything we’d done & everything we’d learned into an agency that would be the best of both worlds. Not too big. Not too small. Just right.

Giving businesses the freedom to access our creativity, passion, skills & experience without the restrictions imposed by big agency bureaucracy or small agency shortfall.

Fast forward to today & you’ll find us, together with a team of talented associates, using our Condensed Creative formula to elevate brands, engage customers & evolve businesses to reach their full potential.

John Park